Pipe Pressure Tester in Scotland

Comprehensive Experience

P.T.C.S Personnel have comprehensive experience on a wide range of testing disciplines including; all types of overland & underground pipelines, offshore rigs, modules and jacket risers, refineries & installations, instrument pipes, hydrostatic, pneumatic, Nitrogen, burst testing, WRC Type II, IGN 4-01-03 and sterilisation & sampling of water mains.

We will test to many specifications for Gas or Water pipelines for SGN, Scottish Water and many more Clients.


Whether you require a pre-test of fabricated pipework on site or at our facility at Blairadam Forrest, PTCS Ltd pipe pressure testers have the experience and resources to deliver our services to the highest standards.

On completion of successful water pipeline testing we will sterilise and flush out the pipeline in preparation for it to be connected to the mains supply.

Proved Invaluable To a Variety of Customers

Their extensive knowledge of the industry specifications and requirements have proved invaluable to a variety of customers. On completion all pressure tests come with extensive Pressure Test Pack with pressure/temperature charts and calibration certificates.

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