Gas Plant Maintenance and Other Services

What we can do for you

PTCS can carry out complete overhaul and refurbishment of all of the following plant and more:

  • heat exchangers
  • bath heaters
  • filters
  • pig traps
  • strainers
  • valves
  • tanks
  • vessels


Suitable to our client’s needs

The complete overhaul process will include removing the plant from site and transporting to our extensive workshop where we will carry out a full inspection (visual, magnetic particle inspection and ultrasonic thickness checks), pressure test, renew all bolts, gaskets & seals, sand blast & coat using our 4 coat system of primer, 2 x MIO (or glass flake) and a 2 part epoxy top coat in the desired colour.

After the overhaul PTCS will then transport the plant back to site where we will re-instate in the timescales agreed. Of course, all this comes with full certification and the overhaul can be done on site in situ if that is more suitable to our client’s needs.

Other Services include:

  • Sheet metal work
  • Composite pipe and tank repair
  • Pipeline gauging, pigging and swabbing
  • Pipeline drying & sterilisation
  • Nitrogen testing, purging & preservation
  • Instrument calibration on site or at our workshop
  • Pipeline Leak Detection
  • Oil flushing/cleaning to Micronic standards
  • Shotblasting & coating
  • UT Water Tightness Testing
  • Water Tightness Hatch Testing for ships and cargo
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