Pipe Pressure Testing & Insulation Specialists Scotland


Pressure Testing & Consultancy Services Ltd. is a pressure testing & engineering business based in Kelty, Fife, central Scotland just 10 minutes from the Forth Road Bridge.

Enhanced our reputation

Whilst pressure testing remains our core business we have enhanced our reputation by successfully carrying out a range of related services including refurbishment & maintenance of commercial gas plant, heat exchangers, bath heaters and filters.

We can fabricate & install ducting and ventilation and insulation & cladding for all types of pipes and tanks. We also have procedure in place for sand blasting, protective coating and fibre glass 2 part epoxy composite repair for pipes and tanks.

Our on-site and workshop facilities at Kelty & Blairgowrie include: pressure test bays & mobile test units, blast room, paint shop, sheet metal workshop with guillotines, benders & rollers.

Practical and cost effective services

We are committed to the expansion of our services through ongoing assessment of customer’s current and future requirements, ensuring that we continue to provide the most practical and cost effective services to our growing customer base.

PTCS current Clients include:

  • Scotia Gas Networks (SGN)
  • National Grid
  • Gas Networks Ireland (GNI)
  • Scotrail
  • Babcock International

‘Putting the pressure on for quality’

‘With the Knowledge and experience of our skilled staff backed up by our extensive range of specialist plant and equipment, PTCS offer a first class service’

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